Mastering Leadership Development for a Digital Economy

Mastering Leadership Development for a Digital Economy

Published by: Research Desk Released: Aug 14, 2019

Modernizing and democratizing the competencies essential for the digital age

Most organizations are now facing a business environment disrupted by rapid market change, a proliferation of digital technology and changing workforce expectations.

As business context changes, leadership development must change with it. Leadership needs to drive innovation, and that requires digital context. The speed of change and the ability of leadership to adapt provides a lot of opportunities for organizations, but it also punishes those who can’t keep up.

What leadership competencies are being prioritized to meet the needs of the business? Is leadership development being pushed down through the enterprise to line-level employees? What technologies are used to deploy leadership development at scale and what are the roadblocks for modernizing leadership development? The Human Capital Media Research and Advisory Group—research arm of Chief Learning Officer—recently partnered with Skillsoft for the Modernizing Leadership for a Digital Economy survey to answer these questions and more.