More and more companies are finding their workflows upended by remote work in the pandemic crisis. We all are in this together, knowing which, a lot of SaaS startups are trying to sell a new path that can streamline processes. A startup, namely, Tonkean, autonomously coordinates, executes, and manages workflows across people and data so that everything remains at its place.

The company has raised a USD 24 million funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Raviraj Jain from Lightspeed is joining the board of Tonkean. Overall, the company has raised over USD 31 million to date.

Tonkean’s software has a robotic automation and management platform, helping in simplifying operations and allowing customers to set up their customizations. It also integrates with a bunch of data sources. The customization feature of the software helps in routing tasks to the right person, sending follow-up, and moving tasks between systems. It is capable of doing endless customization and removing repeatable tasks from the workflow.

In an interview, Tonkean CEO Sagi Eliyahu mentioned, “The future of enterprise software is adaptive and personalized.”

The no-code platform allows people to complete the tasks by manually creating the automation processes to let bots take over. The feature of the visual drag-and-drop workflow of creating these processes works like a big selling point. Added for a better experience, the customers can enjoy other functionalities by purchasing templates.

On one side, players like Automation Anywhere and UIPath seem to be gaining significant private valuation. At the same time, Tonkean aims to streamline the workflows for the customers and people handling operations. It is always focused on scaling the automation process for the customers, come what may.

Eliyahu also added, “Our mission is to empower operations teams to design and manifest the future of work—a future that’s more adaptive, efficient, and appreciative of the importance of people, as opposed to tech, or data. This round of funding, in allowing us to scale the Adaptive Business Operations technology we’re building, will help us do precisely that. In a time of disruption and uncertainty, we have little time to waste, which is why this raise—along with the partner we’ve acquired through it—is such a big deal.”