The “SSI for Germany” consortium has successfully set up a decentralized identity network and plans to implement a variety of applications on it in the coming months. The consortium is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

The “SSI for Germany” consortium has started to work on a decentralized network for digital identities. Initially, it will be operated as a test network by eight different nodes and will get expanded to fifteen decentralized nodes within the next month. The next thing in the line is a decentralized identity network that will be administered by a European Cooperative called “IDunion,” and it will be open to partners all across Europe.

The consortium is looked upon as an association of public and private institutions that are set for creating an open ecosystem for identity management in Europe. These solutions are based on open standards and open source technology for Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and are characterized by transparency and data minimization. The solutions allow users to manage their identity and decide with whom they want to share it.

“We are proud to be able to contribute our technical expertise and many years of SSI experience to this showcase project with such great partners,” said the CIO of esatus AG, Dr. André Kudra. “The entire self-sovereign identity team at esatus AG supports ‘SSI for Germany’ with the greatest commitment. My special thanks go to our blockchain lead developer, Christopher Hempel, who professionally-led the launch ceremony.”

“We are looking forward to the next steps together with the consortium partners. We will now provide you with our Enterprise Identity and amp; Access Management solution in the test network very quickly.”

The video for the network start is available to watch- SSI für Deutschland: IDunion Launch Test Network:

The active participants in the setup of the consortium are from Esatus AG. It is a medium-sized IT consulting company and was founded in 1999. It works toward its corporate mission of “Enforcing Information Security” and call themselves a team of qualified, experienced, and flexible consulting partner on aspects of information security.