8base announced a SaaS focused backend-as-a-Service that is finally available after being used as a beta since late 2018. 8base SaaS enables developers to build fully-functional applications without having to worry about setting-up or scaling their backend infrastructure. The service provides tools for developers to build custom web and mobile client interfaces using frontend frameworks.

For 8base developer experience is of prime importance and they constantly re-tweaked their products based on developer feedback after launching the beta version months ago. The constant iteration with their solution services has given 8base the leverage to target individual developers, consultants, startups, and global organizations. Around 50 to 80% of code that developers write does not support business features, it actually goes to support a number of non-unique systems that every application needs, such as authentication, authorization, etc. 8base develops an API-first backend-as-a-service that is abstracted from 50 to 80% code.

8base offers:

1. A GraphQL engine necessitating all 8base’s backend capabilities through a single API endpoint.

2. A backend infrastructure built on Amazon Web Services that includes a fault-tolerant relational database, object storage, and server-less computing.

3. A complete set of core application services including authentication, authorization single, integration, data modeling, and many more.

Albert Santalo, Founder and CEO at 8base said that “8base was born from my experience as an engineer, founder, and designer of highly complex SaaS products. We are building products simple enough that even non-technical founders can successfully navigate the process. We are witnessing an explosion of tech entrepreneurship and massive shortage of talent to support all the products being built.”

He believes that non-technical founders are bootstrapping development with outsourced development shops leading to products that might look good but fail under any sort of user load. What leads to situations where applications need to be rewritten at the worst time possible. 8base claims to make easy to build, architecturally sound, and fully scalable products from inception.