Rackspace, a leading managed services provider across all the major public and private cloud technologies, announced the acquisition of Onica, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) managed services provider and consulting partner. The acquisition is set to benefit Rackspace with Onica’s expertise in AWS technology and capabilities. The terms of the acquisition are yet to be finalized. The deal is expected to close by late Q4 2019.

Onica possessing the AWS Partner Network (APN) and cloud-native approach is set to solve all the problems related to achieving scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. One of its benefits— migrating as a code rather than as a virtual machine assists the business in building an automated delivery system for long term data migration. The cloud-native approach offloads dependency on various software such as databases, storage systems, and the supporting software. The focus of the solution provider is on business productivity rather than just moving servers on the cloud.

Onica is a team of highly experienced AWS engineers and architects that build, migrate, optimize, and maintains an AWS production environment. It adds intelligence to cloud solutions, which can help them make forecasts and predictions, provide machine vision, help in language processing, give an extended reality for the chatbots, and improve segmentation and categorization that provides pattern detection. Onica is inculcating modern technological innovation in IoT devices. With the availability of massive data through technology, businesses will now be able to build new revenue streams and provide mobile monitoring solutions.  

Onica has several clients, including Samsung, Live Nation, movietickets.com, and TrueCar. Onica’s CEO, Stephen Garden, expressed strong business acumen combining Onica’s capabilities with Rackspace that has global presence and scale. The partnership will help Onica fulfill its mission of helping customers and innovating using AWS. The company is obsessed with providing seamless customer experience and delivering results, which aptly aligns with Rackspace’s vision.

Onica, founded in 2014, has over 350 consultants and has earned more than 500 AWS certifications to date. The company recently won a CRN’s Triple Crown Award for growth as an AWS consultant.