• The deal aims to simplify the purchasing process of cloud services and products for state entities.
  • The Western Sydney facilities will be introduced in collaboration with Canberra Data Centers (CDC).
  • Vault Cloud and CDC are investing in NSW to enhance the security needs of the state government.

The NSW government has struck a whole-of-government contract with Vault Cloud to enhance its access to secure public cloud services.

Under the agreement, Vault offered pre-negotiated pricing and terms for five years. The major aim of the five-year agreement is to “advance and simplify the cost-effectiveness” of acquiring cloud services from the Australian cloud provider. This will make the management and procurement of cloud services simpler for the NSW government.

Other government entities, including local and state governments, as well as the federal authority, will also be able to access the Vault-NSW deal.

Rupert Taylor-Price, CEO of Vault Cloud, said, “The NSW government’s cloud deal with Vault Cloud represents a commitment to the security of Australia’s data.” He also mentioned, “We are proud to be securing sensitive and private citizen data for our government.”

Vault Cloud is a trusted provider to Australian government agencies.

The contract comes as Vault Cloud announced a new cloud area in Western Sydney in collaboration with Canberra Data Centers (CDC).

Greg Boorer, CEO of CDC, added, “CDC has been investing alongside Vault Cloud for many years to help the government deliver better secure, sovereign cloud services.”

Vault Cloud developed a point of authority in the NSW government GovDC that allows secure and rapid access to its cloud and partner solutions. Also, Vault was one of the first ones to make it to the list of Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL). In March 2017, it also received a protected-level classification to store extremely confidential regime data.

In March 2020, ASD declared that it was closing the present form of its cloud accreditation program after an impartial review suggested for the system to be modified.

All the facilities registered on CCSL will expire on July 27, 2020, instead of June 30, 2020. After CCSL expiry, all ASD reaccreditation and accreditation letters will deem to be invalid. However, at that time, ASD will announce the Cloud Security Guidance package.